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Applied Sciences Tracks

   International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research (ICMR-2023)  Tracks

 Agricultural Sciences
 Analytic Number Theory
 Applied Biology
 Biological Sciences
 Biomolecular Engineering
 Cell Biology
 Complex Analysis
 Control and Optimization
 Developmental Biology
 Dynamical Systems
 Educational Psychology
 Environmental Psychology
 Food NanoTechnology
 Food Technology
 Food Technology
 Functional Analysis
 General Psychology
 Marine Technology
 Mathematical Biology
 Mathematical Physics
 Mathematics & Statistics
 Medical Technology
 Numerical Analysis
 Nutrition and Nutritional Management
 Operator Theory
 Ordinary Differential Equations
 Partial Differential Equations
 Plant Biology
 Plant Biophysics and Modeling
 Plant BioTechnology
 Plant Cell Biology
 Plant Nutrition
 Population Biology
 Real and Harmonic Analysis
 Related Applied Mathematics
 Socail Psychology
 Space Science
 Textile Industry & Fabrics

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