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Social Sciences Tracks

     International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research (ICMR-2023)  Tracks

 Administrative Sciences
 Adult Education
 African Studies
 Agricultural Economics
 Agricultural Economy
 Agriculture Extension
 American Studies
 Analyzing Social Complexity
 Ancient And Modern Languages
 Anthropological Linguistics
 Area Studies
 Artificial Intelligence
 Asian Studies
 Behavioral Science
 Business Administration
 Business and Economics Education
 Business Ethics
 Business Finance
 Business Investment
 Business Law
 Business Management
 Business Research
 Business Studies
 Career Development
 Career Management
 Career Planning
 Case Studies
 Child Development
 Classical Studies
 Climate Change
 Communication Studies
 Community and Consumer Sciences
 Consumer Science
 Corporate Governance
 Corporate Management
 Corporate Organization
 Criminal Justice
 Cross Cultural Studies
 Cultural and Ethnic Studies
 Cultural Anthropology
 Cultural Studies
 Culture And Identity
 Curriculum Development
 Development Studies
 Distance Education
 Early Christianity
 Economic Growth
 Economy Behavior
 Education History
 Education Management
 Education Training
 Educational Approaches
 Educational Development
 Educational Management
 Educational Psychology
 Educational Research
 Educational Sciences
 Educational Theory
 Empirical Articles
 Energy Economics and Policy
 English Literature
 Entrepreneurship Development
 Environmental Studies
 Environmental Change
 Environmental Sciences
 Ethnic and Gender Studies
 Evolutionary Complexity
 Field Research
 Food Security
 Forensic Sciences
 Foundations of High-Performance Computing
 Gender Issues
 Gender Studies
 General History
 Global Issues
 Global Studies
 Green Economy
 Guidance and Counseling
 Health Education
 Historical Analysis
 Home Science
 Human Computer Interactions
 Human Ecology
 Human Environment Interactions
 Human Geography
 Human Integrative History
 Human Resource Development
 Human Resources
 Human Resources Management
 Human Rights
 Humanitarian Law
 Industrial Relations
 Influences on Behavior
 Information Management
 Information Science
 International Business
 International Education
 International Law
 International Relations
 International Studies
 Islamic Studies
 Jewish Studies
 Justice Studies
 Land Use
 Language Acquisition
 Languages Concerning With Social Science
 Law In Society
 Legal Management
 Library and Information Science
 Library Sciences
 Life Long Learning
 Local Languages
 Management & Public Policy
 Management Organization
 Management Sciences
 Marketing Management
 Marketing Theory And Marketing Applications
 Mass Communication
 Mathematics Education
 Media and Communications
 Media Studies
 Media Studies Planning
 Middle East and Islamic Studies
 MIS (Management Information System)
 Motivation And Language Teaching
 Operational Management
 Operations Management
 Organizational Behavior
 Organizational Theory
 Paralegal Studies
 Peace and Conflict
 Performing Arts (Music Theatre & Dance)
 Personnel Relations
 Philosophical Research
 Philosophies of Education
 Physical Education
 Physical or Biological Anthropology
 Political Ecology
 Political Economy
 Political Science
 Population and Development
 Population Studies
 Primary School Education
 Professional Development of Teachers
 Psychological Sciences
 Psychology Research
 Public Administration
 Public Ethics
 Public Health and Safety
 Public Health Science
 Public Policy
 Public Services
 Publications and Advertising
 Reading Comprehension
 Regional Planning
 Religion And Beliefs
 Religious Studies
 Retail Markets
 Role of Media
 Role of Media In Social Science
 Role of NGO
 Role of NGO’s In the Protection of Environment
 Rural Development
 Science Education
 Secondary and Higher Education
 Slavic and Eurasian Studies
 Social Concepts
 Social Constructivism
 Social Economics
 Social Modeling
 Social Sciences Teaching
 Social Welfare
 Social Work
 Sociology of Education
 Special Education
 Sport Management
 Sustainable Economic Development
 Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods
 Teacher Education
 Teacher’s Training
 Teaching and Learning
 Technology and Education
 Theology and Missiology
 Understanding Behavior
 Urban and Regional Planning
 Usiness Management
 Village and Society
 Visual Arts
 Voluntary and Community Sector
 Women Education
 Women Empowerment
 Women Studies

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